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MCA Group was founded with a vision to inspire and cultivate an environment for brands to find their identity and build a sustainable structure. In a world that demands creativity, flexibility, and adaptability, our leaders saw an opportunity to build sustainable brands unlike any other – companies that inspire a new way of business and life.


Web & Graphic Design

Our Web and Graphic design services allow you to have a hands on custom experience to bring your vision to life.

Marketing & Advertising

You need to reach more of your customer/client audience and we can bring them to you. Learn about the different approaches…

Brand Development

A brand is like a personality and first impressions matter most. From color selection, to brand language we help shape…

Product Testing & Development

From idea, to concept, to reality we help you through the entire process. From sourcing materials to connecting you…

Public Relations & Communication

Building your business network and keeping a positive image are important for any brand. Let us be the buffer!

Digital Strategy

From UX/UX design to product and marketing strategy and campaign, we aim to crush the competition.

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February 16, 2022


The History of Hook’s Catch goes far and beyond it’s new name. Formerly known as Hook Fish & Chicken, we began this fresh take to build a new narrative. Hook’s Catch has been serving the best fried fish and chicken dinners for more than 20 years.
March 3, 2022

Planet 850

Planet 850 is a credit consulting agency that specializes in credit restoration. They needed a website that provides resources and is also easily accessible for those client sign ups. We were able to create a clean design that spoke to the brand’s identity and customer needs.
August 19, 2022

Aiko Designs

Aiko Designs is a interior design and decor boutique that transforms your space into a functional paradise. We knew we had to ensure customers a lavish and chic experience and that’s just what we did with their custom website.

August 19, 2022

Our Lessons Learned

Our Lessons learned is a Non-profit organization with a focus on serving the family and loved ones of those who have been incarcerated. OLL provides resources for these individuals so we needed to create a functional site that was easy to navigate.