Empowering Equality: A Modern Hub for Civil Rights and Community Engagement

For this project, the client wanted a flyer to announce and promote their upcoming Annual Luncheon. The flyer needed to be visually striking, informative, and reflective of their commitment to civil rights and community engagement.

The flyer features an elegant and modern design with bold typography, highlighting the date and key details of the event. It incorporates the NAACP’s signature colors and imagery that symbolize unity and empowerment. The design ensures that the information is clear and engaging, encouraging community members to save the date and attend the luncheon.

There were not many revisions needed as ideas flowed seamlessly between the client and us. The final flyer effectively captures the spirit of the NAACP West Palm Beach Branch and serves as a compelling invitation to their Annual Luncheon. It conveys the significance of the event and encourages community participation.

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Project Details

  • client
    Spiritual Mind & Holistic Birth Haven LLC
  • calendar
    May 17, 2021
  • Brand Strategy