Planet 850

A Friendly Spin on Credit and Financial Services

Planet 850 is a Credit Consulting Agency, with a new approach to Financial Consulting. As a start-up business with a fresh approach to the industry, it was our job to create a brand identity that allowed their target audience to recognize what their business is all about even with their unique differentiation. With careful evaluation and numerous brain storming sessions, we were able to bring the vision of Planet 850 to life.

Project Details


The first drafts of the logo consisted of an astronaut and some version of a planet or a space craft with the business name. The intention of the astronaut was to represent the individual clients of Planet 850 and how they can be on top of and bigger than their financial problems. This concept was rejected due to not wanting the brand to target a much younger audience than what is intended.

The final logo was created to give a clean universal look to the brand imagery. A subheading will be used for unfamiliar audiences to describe the business.

Planet 850 Branding Kit

Color Palette