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This project was completed for Spiritual Mind & Holistic Birth Haven LLC.

For this project, the client wanted a logo that was inviting and unique for their business. They have created a business that provide care for families through Birthing Assistant as a Doula and Family Therapy. The services provided are essential for such huge transitions in the lives of families and this logo needed to depict all aspect of this new business and how it can help families.

There were not many revisions needed as ideas flowed seamlessly through the client and I. The final logo depicts the foundation of the family with the tree as well as the birth of new life in child birth and mental healing. We also incorporated a yin and yang as the two services balance these new transitions in the families served. With the core of the balance we added the brain and the mother holding her child.

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Project Details

  • client
    Spiritual Mind & Holistic Birth Haven LLC
  • calendar
    May 17, 2021
  • Brand Strategy